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How Can Recycling Food Waste Benefit Your Business?

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Stemming from the UK Environment Act passed in 2021, new regulations are set to come into place that state any business generating over 5kg of food waste must be recycling it, or face potential fines. According to WRAP, across the hospitality and food service sector it’s estimated that 800,000 tonnes of food waste was generated in 2021, at a value of £3.21 billion. So it’s obvious why businesses need to be doing more to recycle food waste, but what exactly happens to our food waste currently when it’s not recycled?

Some might think that food dumped in landfill just breaks down into the soil like a huge compost heap, but this isn’t the case. Airflow is needed in order for food to compost, and in a huge heap of rubbish like in a landfill, good air circulation is something the food just doesn’t have. Therefore, it doesn’t decompose in the same way as it does on a compost. Instead, it goes through a process called ‘anaerobic decomposition’, where methane is released, contributing to global warming.

That’s what goes on in landfill, but what happens to your food when it’s recycled instead? Well, we send the recycled food waste off to be converted into biogas using anaerobic digestion. During this process, the methane that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere is extracted and reused as biofuel. The digestate that is left over can then be used as fertiliser on local farmland, helping grow more food for your business. What’s not to like?!

So we know about the environmental benefits, but how else can recycling your food waste benefit your business?

Saving money, one disposal at a time

It goes without saying that you can save money on food waste by reviewing how much food is ordered and prepared to begin with. Monitoring how much food is wasted could help you see if you can reduce costs and waste by ordering less in the first place. But if production levels don’t need to change, how else can you save your business money? With the right food waste management service in place, you could save on landfill taxes and waste removal costs. Your food waste is often much heavier than whatever else you may be putting in your general waste bin, and could be hiking up the cost of removal. Separating it into its own bin, ready for recycling, can bring down the cost.

Sustainability = Customer Loyalty 

In the current climate, more and more customers are becoming conscious of business values and sustainability strategies. Businesses are under pressure from customers to do their bit for the environment by providing sustainable goods, and recycling their waste. Simply by recycling, you could earn more by attracting new customers who care about the environment, and building on your reputation with existing customers.

How can we help?

We are proudly committed to a circular economy, and recycling food waste is a huge step in the right direction. We work in partnership with anaerobic digestion facilities to ensure that any food waste we collect from businesses is turned into energy, fertiliser, or in some cases, even pet food. Earth’s natural resources are precious, and it’s up to us (and you!) to make sure we’re recycling and reusing everything we can to tackle climate change, and look after our environment.

Working with us will give you peace of mind that you’re doing your bit, whilst also saving yourself some money in the long run. Oh, and did we mention we can give you a free quote and audit? Get in touch to discuss what we can do for you!

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