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Our Sustainability

Sustainability is integral to our operations and objectives with our customers. We are committed to incorporating sustainable practices into everything we do, and we aim to set the standard for sustainability throughout our industry.

Our sustainability values

Circular economy

Continuous Improvement


Environmental Commitment

At Gegan, environmental responsibility is more than just a commitment; it's a core value. As a global community, we owe it to each other and future generations to go beyond compliance and establish ambitious environmental targets - targets that we will meet and exceed.

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Technology-driven recycling services

Gegan presents a comprehensive range of technology-driven recycling services that equip our clients with the full circular economy playbook. Our offerings encompass holistic waste and resource management, on-site recycling equipment, tools and equipment for rent, along with duty of care compliance, material trading, and insightful reporting.

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By choosing Gegan for all your waste management needs, you'll be making a positive impact on the environment whilst also improving your bottom line.