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The Importance of Proper Battery Disposal

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Whether it’s a couple of dead AA batteries out of your computer mouse, or a much bigger battery out of industrial machinery, most homes and businesses will need to dispose of batteries at some point. It’s estimated that us Brits use more than 600 million batteries every year – that means a huge amount of waste after the batteries have died. So what environmental harm is done when we dispose of batteries incorrectly, and what can we do to avoid it?

With batteries containing materials like nickel, lead, and mercury, it’s no wonder they’re classed as hazardous waste. If they’re just chucked into general waste and end up in landfill, these harmful substances seep out in the earth, polluting the soil and water. This is not only harmful for the planet, but for us too when they make their way into our water supply and marine life. These metals do not degrade either, so the damage is permanent.

But the negative impact doesn’t stop there. In landfill, the lithium found in batteries can start fires that burn underground for years, releasing dangerous toxins into the air. According to research conducted by Material Focus, over 700 fires were started by batteries in waste trucks and recycling centres in 2022 alone. Quite often, objects that contain ‘hidden batteries’ tend to get thrown into the bin without thought, e.g. toys, toothbrushes, musical/light up greetings cards, and even water filter jugs. So before you throw anything away, make sure it’s battery-free first!

Disposal at home

For disposing of your everyday batteries like AA batteries, you can check your local council’s website for help on recycling. Sometimes they might accept them for recycling, or you may need to visit a supermarket or local recycling centre to safely dispose of them. 

Disposal at work

We’ll dispose of your batteries safely and responsibly, recycling everything we can. Our experienced team can help you with your business’s batteries and electronic waste, taking the stress and confusion out of waste management. We’ll give you a free quote and even a free site audit so we can see exactly what your business needs!

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